What Clients Say About Laurel

I am now 65 years old and have trained with Laurel since my early 50's.  I'd only ever played golf and needed to get stronger and fitter.  Laurel has totally changed my attitude to fitness and has also helped me lose weight with her personalised eating plan. More than that, Laurel has inspired me to stick with my regime even though i want to eat cake and more cake. 

Shraga, Hadley Wood

I first went to Laurel just after I had my first baby.  I'd eaten for two and felt really unhappy with my shape especially as I'd been fit and slim before.  Laurel gently eased me back into exercise and helped keep me motivated even though I was very tired having a newborn.  I also lost all my baby weight following her healthy eating guidance.  I couldn't recommend her highly enough and I'm still seeing her some 8 years later!

Amanda, Hampstead

I'm a forty something year bloke that loves my food, too much!  Having recently stopped playing football due to a knee injury, I found myself unfit and getting bigger.  Laurel has helped rehabilitate my weak knee muscles through a series of Pilates and weight exercises.  I can now run and look forward to our weekly sessions.

Billy G, Finchley

Having recently turned 50, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, a pre-osteoporosis condition.  Having never exercised in my life, my GP referred me to Laurel to teach me weight bearing exercises under supervision.  I have been seeing her for just over 2 years and she has helped me enormously.  I am now physically much stronger and able to do so much more every day.  Laurel held my hand every step of the way and continues to challenge my physical well-being.

Carol, Hampstead Garden Suburb

I was gaining weight and didn't really know why but when I spoke to Laurel, I knew she would be able to help me.  She was completely non-judgemental and showed me how I could still enjoy eating my favourite foods whilst losing weight.  I did have to be more disciplined but the pounds soon dropped off which was incredibly motivating and I even looked forward to being weighed.

Belinda, Crouch End