Facts about Fitness

There are so many myths surrounding fitness, exercise and healthy eating so here's a selection of facts to help keep you motivated.

A pound is a pound whether it is made up of muscle or fat. Muscle is denser than fat and lean muscle mass makes you look more toned and firm.  Muscles are more metabolically active than fat and are three times more efficient at burning calories.

Whatever aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise you like the most, make sure you vary workouts to avoid repetitive sports injuries.  If you like running (high impact), mix it up with the elliptical trainer (mid impact) or stationary bike (low impact) to reduce stresses on your hips, buttocks, thighs, knees and ankles.



You cannot spot reduce any perceived body fat hotspots!  A whole body approach is required to lower your overall body fat content which will include those hotspots!  Your workout programme should include cardiovascular training (stamina) and weights.


The average exercise participant who trains, perhaps 2-3 times a week, doesn't need protein shakes to build muscle.  We know that protein helps build muscle and increases strength but that protein should come from food.  No need to drink a protein shake which will increase your calorific intake and surely won't taste nearly as nice as meat, chicken or fish for your lunch/supper!  Choose nutrient rich foods in your everyday diet and you should eat enough protein naturally. 

Different rules apply for bodybuilders or professional athletes.