Facts about Fitness..........cont

Weight training will not make women hulk and bulk! Be assured that women do not have enough testosterone to build big or bulky muscles, just toned ones!

Women have less bone and muscle than men and therefore are more at risk of developing osteoporosis.  We all lose muscle mass as we age and it is very important that women do weight-bearing exercise throughout their lives. 

Muffin top and jelly belly, slang for flabby flesh that can hang over our clothes.  Fat lies on top of muscle so even if you are only carrying a few extra pounds, you may not see much muscle definition, particularly around the tummy area.  If you're doing lots of abdominal work but not seeing definition, that's probably why. 

Losing weight around your belly starts in the kitchen!  You need to lose overall body fat in order to reduce tummy fat which exercise can help with along with abdominal exercise training.

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Studies have shown that the people who lose weight are much more likely to maintain their weight loss if they exercise on a regular basis.


It is true that as we grow older we lose lean body mass (muscles) which, in turn, slows the rate our bodies burn calories.  It's a subtle process and why we suddenly notice our weight creep up, not because we are necessarily eating more, just that we don't eat less.  We can recover this muscle loss by doing weight-bearing exercise on a regular basis.  Don't let your age put you off from starting to exercise as there isn't an age limit!


The most amount of fat the body can lose is around 1lb a week.